Leon Salvail

President and CEO, Executive Managing Partner

Marc Koehn

Chief Operating Officer, Executive Managing Partner

Executive Managing Partner, Federal, Territories and Non-Government Organizations Division, Chief Security Officer

Anushka Premji-Osman

Executive Managing Partner, Canada/West Division, Board Chair

Michael van Campen

Executive Managing Partner, Information Technology Services Division

Senior Managing Partner, US Operations

Vice-President, US/East Division

Joanne Templeton

Senior Managing Partner, Canada/East Division

Margaret Kennedy

Managing Partner, Clinical Informatics Practice

Director, Public Health Solutions Practice and Partner Emeritus

Associate Managing Partner, Population & Public Health Practice

Associate Managing Partner, Architecture & Standards Practice

Director, Business Intelligence Practice

Director, Canada/West Division

Director, Federal, Territories and Non-Government Organizations Division

Charles (Chuck) Hill

Director, Non-Health Development Practice

Director, Health Solutions Practice

Director, International Development Practice

Gevity Consulting Inc. is a corporation and not a partnership. Use of the term partner above does not indicate an association by partnership.